We recently had our 65 year old Oak hardwood flooring done by Page's Custom Flooring  and to find out they been around for over thirty years.  They were right in our neighborhood witch it made it feel kind of like family.  The floors turned out amazing they look like brand new floors.  We were really surprised how well they turned out.  Their were some stains that didn't look like they would come out and wear and tear from over the years of course.  They called a few days before scheduled date to confirm everything and to set our minds at ease. They showed up on time, now days that is unheard of.  They were quick and not like quick in a bad way but in a good way. They were fast, thorough and they were very efficient.  They were there everyday until the job was done.  Best of all there were no hidden cost.  The floors will last us for another 65 years.  We had a very pleasant experience with them and we will continue to do business with them in the future. Thanks!
— Wayne S.
We decided to get rid of some carpeting and knew we really wanted hardwood floors.  I honestly thought wood floors would be very expensive and make absolutely no financial sense considering the current economy. I had a family friend (professional hardwood installer/refinisher) all lined up for the next month at what I thought was a good price.

One day on my way to King's Nursery I thought I'd call Page's and see if they were open.  Wayne (Page) said he was around and could meet me there in 10 minutes.  I thought I'd just look at their extensive displays and see what they had to say.  Wayne answered all my questions (mostly related to big dogs and hardwood) and not only did I like him but I was totally impressed with how much he knew.

I asked for a ballpark price per square foot price and was really surprised that his price was pretty much the same as the family friend I had lined up.   Wayne could work my job in right away and I still had 3 weeks to wait for my first guy. When I told him I knew I had a dry rot area that needed to be fixed through the subfloor he told me that that was no problem since he was a licensed contractor and could take care of the repair too.

I honestly really wanted to drop the first guy and switch to Page's after talking to Wayne. Lucky for me, the first guy flaked and my conscience was clear.  I called Wayne to tell him I wanted an estimate and some references.  His bid was pretty much the same as the family friend's.  After hearing glowing reviews I was totally excited about getting new wood floors from Page's.

The guys did absolutely outstanding work beginning with the dry rot repair. Their repair looked so good it was a shame that no one will ever see it.  They showed up when they said they would and left the work area spotless.  The floors look fantastic and having them installed was painless.  I've dealt with so many less than stellar workers/contractors over the years I didn't expect that everything would go so well and that they would be such professionals.

Downstairs looks so good that I'm now considering putting hardwood upstairs.  I know that Page's will give me a good price and that the whole process will be easy.  Best of all, I'll have a reason to stop in and chat with Wayne!
— Linda S.
After receiving quotes from three local flooring specialists to refinish our old redwood oak (badly damaged! floors, we decided to go with Page's Custom Floors. I can only describe our experience from start to finish as wonderful!  Wayne is warm, friendly, and knows his stuff! Because our floors were so old, and we wanted to remove the kitchen vinyl and replace with matching wood, they went above and beyond to test the finish on the old wood, find matching wood to install in the kitchen, and waited patiently for our kitchen and bath remodel to be completed.  Wayne's son, Dan and another associate did the work, and were as warm and easy to work with as imaginable!  The floors were repaired beautifully, with barely any dust to speak of, and they were prompt and efficient in completing the job!  Great guys!  We only wish we had more floors so we could work with them again!
We might just consider having hardwood installed instead of pavers for our patio!

Carroll and Horst Jung
Santa Rosa

C and H Jung
Santa Rosa